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Make your colors bright!
Diamond Traffic Signs

Fluorescent colors might have been all the rage in the '80s, but they’re mighty useful now too. Fluorescent signs reflect brighter than other signs, so they’re easier to see and more attention-getting — perfect for safety warnings and roadside applications.

Reflectivity pioneers like 3M™ have perfected fluorescent technology over the years, refining their high-visibility coatings with dozens of patents — and today, with road and safety signage harder to miss than ever, we can thank them for thousands of lives saved. Learn about what makes fluorescence work, the difference replica audemars piguet between fluorescence and photoluminescence, and how reflectivity affects visibility.

Diamond Traffic Signs

3M Diamond Grade sheeting for safety...
Road safety is often tied to visibility — in the United States, the accident rate is three times higher at night than it is during the day. As a result, for both safety and legal reasons...
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Fluorescent Materials

Photoluminescence vs. fluorescence
Many people confuse photoluminescent materials with fluorescent materials, but the difference between the two tag heuer replica is quite significant. Fluorescent materials borrow UV light from a light source...
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